Sticker Vinyl Art, Hand Screened - Limited Edition of 35 of year 2018

These stickers are more akin to small limited edition hand screened prints, rather then today's machine printed stickers.

Each vinyl sticker will have subtle variations and artifacts, left behind from the screens and ink of their hand done printing process. 

Limited to 35 units produced for 2018 (maximum two per customer)

Each package is signed and numbered by Matthew Del Degan, creator of Lovebot who designed these stickers.
(The original drawings are available upon request.)

Included in your purchase are:

  • Eack Pack will contain 21 pieces of 2018 Lovebot Vinyl Sticker art!
  • Two of each vinyl sticker designs made available
  • One ultra rare holographic sticker
  • If you're really lucky you will get a random Black Card. Very few of these were made.
  • Even luckier than that? Then you will get a misprint, or on screen edit done by sticker maker / enthusiast @s1ve. These are one of a kind prints.

    Good luck! These are hefty packs regardless of your luck.

    *Warning! These are destructive "street" art vinyl stickers. Do not stick them to anything you want to remove them from. They will not peel off easily.

Type: Stickers

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